wolves in abasement

A site-specific re-imagining of August Strindberg’s Playing With Fire.  Wealthy newlyweds return home from a honeymoon abroad to new family, old friends, and tested fidelities.  A fast paced thrill ride fueled by sex, power, and mind games.

wolves in abasement

Written & Directed by Carl Holder

Freely adapted from August Strindberg’s Playing With Fire

With Adam Barrie, Meredith Burns, Christopher Devlin, Jody Flader, Carter Hudson, Melinda Nichols

Assistant Director Devin Dunne Cannon

Sets by Brian Howard

Costumes by Mia Bienovich

Lighting by Robert Lilly

Sound by Max Michaels

Dramaturgy by Glenna Grant

Video by Andy Bean, Carter Hudson

Photos by Lee Morgan

Graphics by Talia Eisenberg

Allegra LaViola Gallery. May-June 2011.